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About us

International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR)

The aim of International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR) with its base in Ethiopia is to publish scholarly research outputs in and on Africa with a view to putting Africa on a path towards a sustainable development through viable and qualitative education. As a result, we conduct and carry out researches in different areas to help our governments and planners move the continent forward.

At the moment, the association is publishing research findings in its journals:

African Research Review, An International Multi-disciplinary Journal (AFRREV)

AFRREV IJAH: An International Journal of Arts and Humanities

AFRREV STECH: An International Journal of Science and Technology

AFRREV LALIGENS: An International Journal of Language, Literature and Gender Studies

INTERNET AFRREV: An International Online Multidisciplinary Journal

AFRREV journals will publish research monographs, feature articles, brief notes, comments on published articles and book review. We plan to take advantage of the power of the latest technology to bring useful information to academics in and outside of Africa. This Journal therefore intends to add to the body of knowledge about the important matter of Educating and its resultant effects on national development especially in Africa. We welcome your ideas, comments, criticisms and submissions. The journals are peer-reviewed, focusing on all aspects of academic issues including research reports and interpretive articles, essays and critical reviews of books and teaching materials. We welcome submissions from a wide community of practitioners—from professors, teachers, trainers, and support specialists to programme administrators. Please read the following material and review our guide to authors before submitting a manuscript for publication consideration.

  • Our areas of interest span through the following:
  • Adult Literacy
  • Access to Education
  • Children Education
  • Corruption in Education
  • English as a Foreign/Second language
  • English Literature
  • Gender Issues
  • School management
  • Qualitative Education and
  • IT development in Africa
  • War and Conflict Resolution
  • Political and Social Development
  • Economic Development
  • Engineering
  • Technical Education.
  • Other Developmental Issues

Apart from AFRREV group of journals, the association (IAARR), in attempt to promote research and academia in Africa, have started indexing reputable peer reviewed journals in our URL
We are also interested in printing and publishing and in other educationally related issues.
To enable us serve you well, please adhere to the submission guidelines while sending your paper(s). For other details, always visit our website

Managing/Communications Editor

Dr. Nneka Umera-Okeke


IAARR Executives

Executive Office: Lane Woreda, Kabele 7 Gambella National Regional State Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Founder and Executive Chairman Ojo, Babajide Johnson, Ph.D Senior Program and Project Officer African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) African Union Commission Mobile: (+223) 76907074, 76836862, E-Mail:,,

Former Posting: Department of Pedagogical Sciences Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Co-Founder and Executive Secretary Umera-Okeke, Nneka, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Faculty of Humanities University of Port Harcourt East/West Road, Choba, Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria E-mail: +234-8083299552

Former Posting:Department of English Studies Haramaya University Alemaya, Dire Dawa Ethiopia